Difference between Water based Polyurethane and Oil based Polyurethane

Water-based polyurethane waterproof coating is an environmentally friendly high-molecular polymer elastic waterproof material with good adhesion and impermeability. It has good adhesion to cement-based substrates such as concrete and stone and metal products. The product has stable chemical properties and can withstand long-term exposure to sunlight. It has the characteristics of good elasticity and large elongation.

Product Performance Features

1. Appearance: The product should be free from lumps after stirring and in a uniform state.
2. It has high tensile strength, high elongation, good elasticity, good performance in high and low temperatures, and good adaptability to the contraction, cracking, and deformation of the substrate.
3. Its adhesion is good, and no primer treatment is required on various substrates that meet the requirements.
4. The coating dries and forms a film after which it is water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, mold-resistant, and fatigue-resistant.
5. Its environmental performance is good, as it does not contain benzene or coal tar components, and no additional solvent is required during construction.
6. It is a one-component, cold-applied product that is easy to use and apply.

Application scope of the product

1. Suitable for underground rooms, underground parking lots, open-cut subway and tunnels
2. Kitchens, bathrooms, floor slabs, balconies, non-exposed roofs.
3. Vertical waterproofing and waterproofing of corners, joints and other fine details, as well as sealing of waterproofing joints.
4. Waterproofing for swimming pools, artificial fountains, water tanks, and irrigation channels.
5. Waterproofing for parking lots and square roofs.

Oil-based polyurethane waterproof coating is a high molecular waterproof coating that reactively dries and solidifies on the surface. It is made of isocyanates and polyols as the main materials, with various auxiliary agents such as blending latent hardeners and plasticizers, and is produced by a special process of high-temperature dehydration and polymerization reaction. When used, it is applied to the waterproof substrate, and a tough, flexible and seamless polyurethane waterproof film is formed on the substrate surface by the chemical reaction between the -NCO end group of the polyurethane prepolymer and the moisture in the air.

Product Performance Features

1. Appearance: The product is a uniform viscous body without gel and lumps.
2. Single-component, ready to use on site, cold construction, easy to use, and the requirement for the moisture content of the substrate is not strict.
3. Strong adhesion: Good adhesion to concrete, mortar, ceramics, plaster, wood, etc. building materials, good adaptability to the shrinkage, cracking and deformation of the substrate.
4. Film without seams: Good adhesion, no need to apply primer on various substrates that meet the requirements.
5. High tensile strength of the film, large elongation rate, good elasticity, good adaptability to the shrinkage and deformation of the substrate.
6. Chemical resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, mold resistance, good waterproof performance. Application scope of the product

Oil-based polyurethane waterproof coating can be used for waterproofing construction of new and old buildings, roofs, basements, bathrooms, swimming pools, civil defense projects, etc. It can also be used for waterproofing construction of metal pipes.

Difference between oil-based polyurethane and water-based polyurethane:

Oil-based polyurethane has a higher solid content than water-based polyurethane, but it is made of isocyanate, polyether, and various auxiliary agents such as mixed latent curing agent and plasticizers, prepared by special processes at high temperature, such as water removal and polymerization reaction. It has a greater degree of pollution, compared to water-based polyurethane, which is a green and environmentally friendly product without pollution. It is suitable for indoor use, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Post time: May-29-2024