The Latest Research Progress of Carbon Dioxide Polyether Polyols in China

Chinese scientists have made significant breakthroughs in the field of carbon dioxide utilization, and the latest research shows that China is at the forefront of research on carbon dioxide polyether polyols.

Carbon dioxide polyether polyols are a new type of biopolymer material that has broad application prospects in the market, such as building insulation materials, oil drilling foam, and biomedical materials. Its main raw material is carbon dioxide, selectively using carbon dioxide can effectively reduce environmental pollution and fossil energy consumption.

Recently, a research team from the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University successfully polymerized the multi-alcohol containing carbonate group with carbon dioxide by using the infiltration catalytic reaction technology without the addition of external stabilizers, and prepared a high polymer material that requires no post-treatment. At the same time, the material has good thermal stability, processing performance, and mechanical properties.


On the other hand, the team led by academician Jin Furen also successfully carried out the ternary copolymerization reaction of CO2, propylene oxide, and polyether polyols to prepare high-polymer materials that can be used for building insulation materials. The research results clarify the possibility of effectively combining the chemical utilization of carbon dioxide with polymerization reactions.

These research results provide new ideas and directions for the preparation technology of biopolymer materials in China. Utilizing industrial waste gases such as carbon dioxide to reduce environmental pollution and fossil energy consumption, and making the entire process of high polymer material from raw materials to preparation “green” is also a future trend.

In conclusion, China’s research achievements in carbon dioxide polyether polyols are exciting, and further exploration is needed in the future to enable this type of high polymer material to be widely used in production and life.

Post time: Jun-14-2023